Security is our highest priority.  Your company information is our business.  Protecting your information is just as important to us as protecting our own proprietary business information.  In fact, we consider them one and the same.

Our security program has three components:  Storage; internal security policies and procedures; and attention to each client's account.

The Corporation Secretary offers on-line storage of your company documents. To ensure maximum security and availability, we use our own dedicated server with frequent backup to a separate storage unit, encryption software, strong password policies and log-in monitoring to guard against hacking attempts, plus full access logs allowing us and you to see who in your company has been accessing your information and when.

We have a strong, written company policy on internet security,  No client data  can be held on mobile computers or devices.   Remote connections to our company’s network are made through a VPN. Our network has intrusion detection capability and there is intrusion detection software on indiviual PCs.  Shared data bases and other reference files on the network are password protected (and access recorded).  Internet access on network computers is content-restricted, including denial of access to personal email accounts.  We use highly rated software for protection against viruses, spyware, Trojans and other malware, as well as spam quarantine software.  Attachments to unknown email are not opened and email from suspicious sources is not read.  Our IT security procedures and compliance are reviewed regularly.

Client documents, after downloading from email, are deleted as email attachments.  Paper documents, after scanning, are returned to the client (unless destruction has been requested by the client).  All client documents and files are permanently deleted if the client relationship is terminated.

We accept as clients only corporations and limited liability companies that we have verified as legitimate businesses (or newly formed companies that are owned by legitimate businesses or persons with verifiable legitimacy).

Activity on client accounts is monitored and suspicious activity is investigated. Once an authorized user changes the temporary password that we provide, the account manager will not know or be able to find the new password.  No one at The Corporation Secretary will ever ask for a password (if they do, please report it to "").  Our account managers are trained to respond to the client by telephone for verification when they receive an email from any authorized user that is unusual or seems suspicious.  We do not respond to requests for information about a client, even from email accounts belonging to authorized users (such requests will be referred to--and reported to--the principal contact for the client). 

Finally, the client controls the content that is stored on our system.  Some clients may want to redact information in certain documents before they are uploaded or withhold certain documents entirely, in which case there will be a place-holder link that leads to a page saying "Held at the Company" or something similar.   Some clients might choose to not use our storage platform and simply avail themselves of other services from The Corporation Secretary, such as preparing agendas, sending out notices of meetings, attending meetings by telephone, and creating records of meetings and written consents.  We would be pleased to discuss all such alternatives and create special arrangements that meet the client's concerns.

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