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If your corporation seeks financing from private investors, or even from a new bank, it is likely that they will conduct a “due diligence” investigation and ask to see certain governing documents (charter, by-laws) and the minutes of shareholder and directors meetings. This is especially true in the planning for an IPO, where the underwriters will want to see everything that affects the legal status of the company. How well and how promptly you respond to these requests, and the quality of the documents you produce, will speak volumes about your business. We can have everything you need at your fingertips—literally—ready to be printed or sent by email.

The same is true in the context of acquisitions. A potential acquirer of your business will want to know about the prior actions taken by the shareholders and the Board of Directors, the status of corporate filings, and the level of adherence to corporate formalities. Good corporate governance makes a good impression.

If your financial statements are audited by a firm of independent accountants, you know how meticulous they are about reviewing the minutes of meetings of shareholders and directors. As with other aspects of an audit, the better your records, the less you will have to explain or revise.

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