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In a small corporation, the person appointed as the Secretary invariably has another job—a primary job. Being the Secretary is thus frequently seen as a distraction or a nuisance. The result? The duties of the Secretary are performed only when time permits, which is not very often in a small business with resource constraints, and with minimal attention.

If done properly, the role of the Secretary is time-consuming. Meetings of shareholders and directors need to be well organized, with complete agendas and materials distributed for review in advance of the meetings. A record of the each meeting should be prepared and stored in the proper sequence with other meeting records, and any follow-up actions should be included in the agenda of a subsequent meeting. Much of this work is administrative (preparing and sending notices, agendas, meeting materials, recording actions taken, circulating draft minutes for review and approval, and filing final minutes) and, like all administrative tasks, the less often it is done, the more attention it requires each time.

We can perform these tasks efficiently because it is what we do—it is our primary job. You can stop worrying about the details and focus on the important matters that need to be decided, reviewed or approved.

Efficiency is money. Compare the cost of our core service against the number of hours that you or someone in your organization would spend performing the same tasks and we are sure you will see that you can use the time more profitably doing what you or they do best.

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