Why Outsource

Why should a business outsource its corporate secretarial function?

  • Protect shareholder assets
    If corporate formalities are not observed, such as holding regular meetings of shareholders and directors, a creditor or litigant may be able to "pierce the corporate veil" and reach the assets of the shareholders of the corporation... read more
  • Cost savings and efficiency
    In a small corporation,the Corporation Secretary is not a full-time position. It is often an unwelcome task that diverts someone’s attention from more productive and bottom-line oriented task... read more
  • Professional image
    A record of good record of corporate governance and an organized approach to important documents can make a very favorable impression on banks and potential investors—even underwriters considering an IPO. The converse is also true... read more
  • Avoid problems
    Good corporate governance can help you avoid problems that can be embarrassing or costly or both... read more
  • Security
    Imagine the disruption should loss, theft or damage befall your documentation? What if you're about to close an important deal and need access to a document fast but it's Saturday, the office is closed and the files are in the safe... read more

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