What companies could benefit the most from the services provided by The Corporation Secretary?

Five categories of companies that could benefit significantly from our services.
  • privately held companies that do not have a full-time corporate secretary. Many corporations in this first category have shareholders who are not also directors or officers. Those shareholders expect good corporate governance to protect their interests.
  • privately held companies that have institutional investors such as venture capital or private equity firms. These investors insist upon corporate governance that is complete, well documented, and transparent and they view sound corporate governance as essential to board and company performance.
  • the small start-up that simply does not have the resources or experience needed to perform the services that we provide. They can of course rely on law firms for these services, but that is generally not a cost-effective solution.
  • large corporations with multiple subsidiaries. Working with the corporate secretary of the parent, we can maintain the records and organize the periodic meetings of the subsidiaries. Corporate governance at subsidiaries is often ignored if their location, people, and resources are the same as those of the parent. This defeats the purpose of having subsidiaries.
  • non-U.S. corporations with U.S. operations that set up a small U.S. subsidiary with minimal staff to limit liability exposure.


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