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The Corporation Secretary is a Wyoming corporation.  Our account managers include lawyers with experience at major law firms or as the corporate secretary at public or private corporations.  We match our clients with the account manager that can best meet their needs.  Our account manager remains dedicated to assigned client unless the client requests a change.

The goal of The Corporation Secretary is to provide “best practices” in corporate governance for privately held corporations and limited liability companies at a reasonable and fixed cost.  We can do this because we know our business, we have low overhead, and we can handle volume through the efficiencies we have developed.   Of course, "best practices" depends on the size, business model and risk profile of the client.  Our expertise and personal service enable us to understand and meet the needs of each of our clients.    

We believe our web portal is alone worth the annual cost of our service.  Our web portal provides a user-friendly interface and, at no additional cost, we will upload and delete corporate documents, post meeting information and collect signatures on posted written consents. Alternatively, you can post and delete documents yourself.

 Our experience shows that corporate governance at privately held corporations is often neglected, either because the individuals who manage the business are not aware of the importance of corporate governance or because they consider it “mere formalities”.   Without repeating the information under “Why Outsource?”, we will offer a few observations here.  First, the trend toward increasing regulation of small businesses creates risks of non-compliance, and compliance is ultimately the responsibility of the Board of Directors.  Second, the number of cases of “piercing the corporate veil”, in which personal liability has been imposed on shareholders, is increasing, particularly where a federal law is involved, such as ERISA.   And third, ignorance in this area is not bliss.  Corporate governance is not something that can be‘reconstructed’ after years of neglect.

We offer a cost-effective way to address these issues and, best of all, we can save officers of the corporation a significant amount of time and effort.  We also provide periodic email notices to clients describing new developments in laws, regulations, court cases, and guidance from federal and state agencies.   This is an important part of corporate governance in today's evolving regulatory environment for small and mid-sized corporations.

The Corporation Secretary does not engage in the practice of law.


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Email us: admin@thecorpsec.com

Or call us: 1-888-580-9222

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Our services

Our core services are only $490 a year.

First year for $390

Our Web Portal is included in the Annual Fee.

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